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Over the past several years, imaginations have run wild with predictions about the future of Augmented Reality. This has led to hundreds of great ideas, dozens of creative mock-ups, and a handful of quality special effects videos – providing a visual representation of their ideas and even teasing what they will create in the future.

This site does not exist to host a video showing future possibilities with our platform. We believe the one thing that can spark the imagination most and supersede any visual is an experience.

We are proud to share with you the platform that fulfills what the future promised, the platform that enables an experience where the digital merges with the physical, and the platform that has only one limitation — your imagination.

Welcome to Aireal.

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Design, Create, Explore

The SOLAR mobile application was created using the Aireal Augmented Reality Platform. Along with many other other features, what makes Aireal unique is the ability to place augmented content anywhere in the world instantly without the use of computer vision or marker recognition.

In the SOLAR demo, you will have the opportunity to anchor augmented content to a set of nearby geospatial coordinates and then physically walk throughout the interactive experience.

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Ignite Your Imagination

At Aireal, we sought out to create a platform that would forever change your perception of experience and how you explore reality. Aireal’s platform allows you to integrate digital content with your world, then interact and navigate around it as if it is a real object.

The SOLAR demo app was made with intent to help spark new ideas, to ignite your imagination and help you to see the world of possible experiences that can be created on the Aireal Platform.

Aireal SOLAR Experience

Walk Among The Planets

What is SOLAR & how does it work?

SOLAR is a geospatial augmented reality experience created on the Aireal platform that allows you to explore our solar system within your existing environment.

SOLAR leverages Aireal’s proprietary method of using geospatial coordinates to anchor digital content at a nearby location, rather than using a marker or computer vision. This feature gives you the ability to walk through and around the entire solar system as if it was part of your real environment. As you’re navigating through our planetary system, feel free to tap on a planet to receive detailed information.

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Download Your
SOLAR Journey

The SOLAR application is distributed on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. SOLAR works best on mobile devices that were realeased no later than 2014.

To download either application, tap on the appropriate button below from your mobile device.

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